Ben & Heather Crane Foundation

Ben & Heather have actively chosen to “give back” since Ben first joined the PGA Tour in 2002. Because Ben and Heather have experienced the power of good role models in their own lives they’ve chosen to host a 3-day weekend each December in their home for College Golf Fellowship. They believe in mentoring young people in life skills.

In addition, Ben and Heather have pursued several charitable opportunities including starting their own fundraiser “Day with the Pros” Golf tournament with the Discovery Land Company. Over the past 7 years this tournament has raised over 2 million dollars to support Love 146 and Hope Farm.

Ben and Heather, with their family, have traveled to an orphanage in El Salvador, joined in hurricane relief efforts in New Orleans, and Heather has traveled to SE Asia (Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines) to address the tragic issue of child sex trafficking.

Recently, Ben and Heather officially established the “Ben & Heather Crane Foundation” to further their efforts to raise money, and support various organizations that bring hope to the hurting and help underprivileged, abused and abandoned children.