H.O.P.E Farm

H.O.P.E Farm is the other organization Day with the Pros benefits. It is an after school program for boys without fathers. The Cranes were introduced to Gary Randle, who runs H.O.P.E. Farm, through some friends and instantly appreciated his heart to change the course of at-risk boys so that they could have the skills and foundation to become leaders in their community.

Through several visits to H.O.P.E. Farm, meeting the boys, and seeing the work firsthand, Ben and Heather desired to help their group continue to make a difference in so many boys’ lives. “Children want to feel the walls” is a concept that has stuck with Ben and Heather as they raise their own children. Gary and his staff care for these boys like they are their own, and lovingly give them the instruction and discipline they need to provide a firm foundation that they would not otherwise have.